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Colorado House Bill 24-1090 Seeks to Address Unintended Consequences of Colorado Senate Bill 23-075

Colorado House Bill 24-1090 would apply a technical fix to Senate Bill 23-075, and passed its first reading in the House Judiciary Committee.

Experience in criminal justice system should inform Colorado policy, stakeholders say

People who have been affected by the criminal legal system should have more opportunity to influence the formation of criminal justice policy in Colorado, stakeholders said during a meeting Monday.

Court-Mental Health Liaison Program Expanded by Colorado Legislature

A program to bridge the criminal justice system with behavioral health in Colorado has been expanded by the legislature.

Bill Looks to Take Partisan Politics Out of DA and Sheriff Elections in Colorado

The bill hopes to boost public trust in criminal justice by making elections for sheriffs and DAs nonpartisan.

Lawmakers Eye Colorado Criminal Justice Reforms in First Month of Session

Hot topics include juveniles in the criminal justice system, competency proceedings and support programs for people who are incarcerated.

Paloma Law Hopes to Improve Access to Justice on the Ground

Erica White’s criminal and immigration defense firm hopes to serve marginalized communities and Spanish-speaking clients.

DOJ Report Shows Decline in Prosecutions, Convictions Between 2019, 2020 Fiscal Years

The Department of Justice released its findings on the federal response to crime and criminal justice in the 2020 fiscal year.

NIJ Funds Two New Projects to Improve Collection of Digital Evidence

The National Institute of Justice funded two projects to assist law enforcement with the collection and processing of digital evidence in cases involving child sexual abuse materials and large-scale computer networks, the agency announced.