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U.S. Judge’s Decision in Long-Running Hawai’i Clean Water Act Case May Launch Era of New Permit Requirements for Dischargers of Pollution to Groundwater

A long battle over a Hawai’i local government’s pollution to the ocean via groundwater ended late last week with a federal judge’s order making clear that the discharges are illegal if not authorized by regulators.

Colorado AG’s Office Appoints Attorneys for CDPHE Whistleblower Investigation

The AGs Office announced an independent investigation into CDPHE air pollution policies that may have covered up some violations.

Federal Appeals Court Directs EPA to Decide on Harmful Pesticide

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the EPA must act promptly to deem chlorpyrifos safe for human exposure or ban the product.

Biden Administration Expected to Bring Change to Environmental Policy

Joe Biden's EPA will face a daunting task in restoring the nation’s system of environmental regulation and confronting a climate crisis.

EPA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Policy ‘Not a License to Pollute’

The Environmental Protection Agency on March 26 announced a temporary policy of relaxed enforcement of some environmental legal obligations due to COVID-19.  The policy, which...

Colorado Plays Bigger Role in Blocking Trump Policies Under New AG

In the three years President Donald Trump has been in office, state attorneys general have teamed up to block his administration’s policies more than...

Lawsuit Challenges Colorado’s New Vehicle Standards 

A lawsuit filed Oct. 29 in Denver District Court could lead to Colorado’s Zero Emission Vehicle standards being revoked.  The Colorado ZEV standard requires a...

Could Zero-Emission Mandates Be on the Bubble?

Last week, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission approved a compromise to adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle requirements after a hearing that lasted from Tuesday to...