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Colorado’s Law School… Yes We Can! Continues Work Helping Underrepresented Students

Founded in 2014, the Law School… Yes We Can! program in Colorado continues as a gateway to help get more diverse students in the legal field.

Colorado Law School Enrollment: A Deep Data Dive

Recently both Colorado law schools released data concerning enrollment for first-year students — and Law Week took a deep dive into all of it.

Expert Weighs In: AI Passes Bar Exam

Artificial intelligence technology continues to make waves across the world including in the legal field and now it has passed a bar exam.

Colorado Law Conference Brings Together Legal Minds to Discuss U.S. Supreme Court

Legal experts recently came together for a conference in Colorado focused on the U.S. Supreme Court and “The Role of States in the Midst of Federal Court Crisis.”

The 1984 Lawsuit Over the Colorado Bar Exam

In June 1984, four Hispanic law school graduates filed a $50 million lawsuit over the way the Colorado bar exam was scored the previous summer.

DU Pre-Orientation Program Supports Diverse Law Students

According to 2021 and 2022 Ascent alums, the program has fostered a sense of belonging both at DU and in the legal profession.

Judge Gary Jackson Inducted Into the Blacks in Colorado Hall of Fame After a 51-Year Pioneering Career

Judge Gary Jackson was inducted this month into the Blacks in Colorado Hall of Fame for a career where he advocated for diversity in the bar.

Edwin Hackley’s Legacy ‘Battling Racism and Second-Class Status’

Edwin Hackley, Colorado's first Black lawyer, struggled to build a local practice but used his voice in publishing to speak out against racism.