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149 Pass February 2024 Bar Exam

More than 250 test takers sat for the February 2024 bar exam and 149 passed, a 59% pass rate. Lawyers who passed can join the bar June 3.

533 Pass July 2023 Bar Exam

More than 700 test takers sat for the July 2023 bar exam and 533 passed, a 74% pass rate. Earlier this year, the state lowered the passing score to 270.

125 Pass February 2023 Bar Exam

260 people took the February 2023 bar exam and 125 passed. Those who passed can join the bar after attending a ceremony May 22.

Thinking of Starting Your Own Firm? Mike Burg of Burg Simpson Offers Advice

Michael Burg speaks to attorneys interested in striking out on their own and offers advice on how to survive with a small or solo practice.

The Entry-Level Job Market Is Healthy, But Remote Work Means Unique Challenges For Many New Lawyers

Despite fears, COVID didn’t harm the entry-level job market. But, virtual offices raise questions for new lawyers.

545 Pass July Bar Exam

741 test takers sat for the remote Colorado bar exam in July, but despite technical glitches, 73.5% passed.

525 Join Colorado Bar

David Abrahamian Mark Feero Ellen Lee Natalie Rooney Felicia Acosta-Steiner Ryan Felde-Vassallo Rachel Lee Isaiah Rose Colleen Adams Sophia Fernald Charlotte Lehman Alexis Ross Sameh Afifi William Finkelstein Lilly Lentz Kali Roundy Camille Agnello Dijon Fiore Erin Leonard Kate Rusk Tyler Albo Courtney Fischel Caroline Lesem Mensher...

Navigating the Minefield Laid by Prior Counsel’s Negligent Work

Clients frequently change lawyers in the middle of a case or transaction for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes the split is amicable, sometimes it...