545 Pass July Bar Exam

A total of 741 test takers sat for the Colorado bar exam in July, an increase of nearly 100 from last summer’s exam. It was the second time the test was held remotely with the help of AI-driven proctoring software. The Colorado Supreme Court on Oct. 7 released a statement explaining that the pass list for the July exam includes five test-takers whose scores were adjusted due to “very significant technical issues” that may have affected their performance. Despite the technical glitches, the pass rate of 73.5% was about average for July bar exams in recent years.

741 test takers sat for the remote Colorado bar exam in July, but despite technical glitches, 73.5% passed. 692 non-attorneys and 49 attorneys took the test. 73.8% of non-attorneys and 69.4% of attorneys passed.

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