Colorado Lawmakers Eye Permanent Remote Court Options

The bills come as courts weigh the benefits and pain points of carrying pandemic-era changes into the future.

Lawmakers Want to Take a Closer Look at Colorado’s Family Courts

A bipartisan bill introduced this month would take a closer look at how family law cases move through state courts.

ABA Urges Supreme Court to Adopt Ethics Code for Justices at Mid Year Meeting

The ABA House of Delegates passed a resolution urging the U.S. Supreme Court to adopt a binding code of ethics for justices.

Lawmakers Publish First Drafts of Judicial Reform Bills

State lawmakers released the first drafts of bills to change how Colorado handles complaints against judges.

Little Evidence of Misconduct at Colorado Judicial Branch, Investigation Finds

An investigation into the Colorado Judicial Branch found little evidence to support allegations of workplace sexism, harassment or cover-ups.

Fentanyl Bill Stalls in Senate Judiciary Committee After Testimony and Opposition Rally

With two weeks left in session at the Colorado GA, the clock to pass one of this year's most watched bills is ticking.

DOJ Unveils Initiative to Streamline Criminal Justice System Data

The U.S. Department of Justice created a new tool that it hopes will improve access, understanding and quality of criminal justice system data.

Infographics: Recent History of U.S. Supreme Court Fuels Reform Debates

Supreme Court reform debates aren’t new. But modern reform discussions are connected to the court’s recent history.