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Court Opinion: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Aug. 21

The 10th Circuit affirmed a district court’s judgment in an antitrust case and remanded for further proceedings.

10th Circuit to Hear State Law Questions, Colorado Antitrust Case and More Next Week

Among the more than 50 cases that will be argued are Colorado insurance law questions, a dismissed civil antitrust suit and more.

Defendants Acquitted in Antitrust Trial Over Poultry Prices

Seasoned antitrust attorneys who represented the defendants say it was one of the most unusual cases they’ve handled.

Unanimous Supreme Court Subjects College Sports Cartel to Antitrust Scrutiny

The Supreme Court told the NCAA on June 21 that it cannot limit the academic benefits that athletes receive from post-secondary institutions.

Congressional Bills Seek to Expand Student Athletes’ Rights

College athletes may see an expansion of their rights to be compensated for commercial use of their names, images and likeness if any of...

Big Tech’s Antitrust Reckoning

The nation’s technology industry faces an unpredictable year in 2021 as the federal government and states take aim at two of its largest companies...

Colorado Leads Multistate Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google

Following on news of the state’s participation in a major antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, Colorado is now going after another tech giant for anticompetitive...

Court of Appeals Dismisses Libel Case Against Activist

The Colorado Court of Appeals published an opinion July 25 that is expected to end a long-running feud between an oil company and an...