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Court Opinions: 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion for Jan. 4

A 10th Circuit panel out of Salt Lake City, Utah, reversed and remanded in part and upheld in part a case involving class certification and the lack of a high school girl's football team.

Court Blocks EEOC Guidance on Transgender Bathroom and Pronoun Policies

John Melcon, an employment attorney at Sherman & Howard, discusses a recent federal court ruling blocking the EEOC from enforcing guidance addressing bathroom use and pronouns for transgender workers.

Bill Requiring Qualifying Public Schools to Implement a Title IX Policy Introduced

Lawmakers introduced a bill requiring qualifying public schools to implement a formal Title IX policy in line with federal law.

Appellate Roundup: Federal Appeals Courts Decisions Address Abortion, Women’s Hockey Team’s Demise, U.S. Citizen Treatment by Iran

Another round of decisions made by Federal Appeals Courts affect abortion, discrimination and how a U.S. citizen was treated by in Iran.

Denver Attorneys Go Public About $5 Million Title IX Settlement

Attorneys for a former Adams 14 student announced Nov. 12 they had won $5 million for their client in what they believe to be...

Sending Your Sons to College? The Title IX Process Might Send Them Home

I wrote an opinion piece in 2015 for Law Week Colorado on how Title IX is being used against young male students. Then and...

Polis Fills Court of Appeals Seats

Gov. Jared Polis on March 8 appointed Jaclyn Brown and Neeti Pawar to the Colorado Court of Appeals. Brown’s appointment fills a vacancy caused by...

Tennis Coach Wins First Set In Gender Bias Match Against University

It goes without saying that federally funded educational institutions cannot discriminate on the basis of gender. Some federal courts believe Title IX is the...