Annual CDAC Conference Continues Education for DA’s

Hundreds of prosecutors and DA investigators across Colorado attended the 2022 CDAC Conference to take classes and continue their education.

General Assembly Passes Bill to Close Gaps in Witness Intimidation Law

The Colorado legislature on Tuesday passed a bill with strong support from prosecutors to expand the definition of witness intimidation.

Legislative Look Ahead: Fentanyl, Consent and Youth Interrogations Among Criminal Law Topics to Watch at Capitol

The 2022 legislative session is likely to bring criminal justice-related bills on fentanyl, witness intimidation and youth interrogations.

Troutman Pepper Adds One, Akerman Appoints Denver Office Managing Partner, Annual Colorado District Attorneys Awards Out

This week, Troutman Pepper added a new attorney as a partner and Ackerman LLP named a new office managing partner for its Denver office.

Criminal Law Attorneys Reflect on Legislative Wins, Worries and the Work Ahead

The Colorado General Assembly passed about 40 new laws related to criminal justice and corrections, including an overhaul of the state’s misdemeanor code and a bill limiting the use of ketamine injections by first responders.

Supreme Court Sides with Man Claiming Multiple Child Pornography Counts is Double Jeopardy

The Colorado Supreme Court on Dec. 14 held that a man found in possession of hundreds of sexually exploitative images of children should only...

Colorado Moves Toward Limiting ‘Panic’ Defenses

A white supremacist wouldn’t be able to defend themselves in court by claiming their hatred of people of color caused them to lose control...

State Senate Considering DA Budget Bill

The Colorado legislature is again considering a bill to shift a significant portion of prosecutors’ pay to the state. Under the current scheme, district attorneys’...