Court Opinions: Colorado Supreme Court Opinions for Dec. 20

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday issued opinions in one civil matter and three criminal cases, including a DUI double jeopardy challenge.

Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Dec. 16

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued its opinions on five cases including Nash v. Mikesell and Stackpool v. Motor Vehicle Division.

Overland High School Hosts Court of Appeals Oral Arguments

The Colorado Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments at Overland High School in Aurora as part of the Courts in the Community Program.

Big Decisions: Notable Cases Run the Gamut from Divorce to DUIs

Over the past year, the high court clarified numerous questions from divorce to DUIs that will affect the lives of Coloradans.

Is Colorado in the Midst of a Records Sealing Movement?

A nationwide trend of criminal justice reform has encompassed not just how people are sentenced but the rights they have after they’ve completed their...

Colorado Judge Arrested on DUI Suspicion

A second Colorado judge might be facing trouble for drinking and driving. The question whether discipline is necessary and in what form won’t be resolved...

State Supreme Court to Review DUI Law

The Colorado Supreme Court on Aug. 19 announced it will review whether prior convictions in a felony DUI case must be proved before a...