Hoteling, Remote Work Likely Here to Stay for Law Firms as Some Eye Possible Four-Day Workweeks

Remote work is likely here to stay and some law offices may be leaning toward a four-day workweek in the pursuit of staff and client accommodation.

Hiring and Retention: How Firms Are Keeping Attorneys

As hiring and retention issues continue to plague a variety of industries, Law Week Colorado caught up with local law firms to see how they’re holding up and keeping talent.

Legal Insight: Proposed Job Application Fairness Act

A bill introduced in the Colorado general assembly in January could have a major impact on how potential employees apply for jobs.

Colorado Lawmakers Eye Labor and Employment Matters in First Weeks of Session

Lawmakers have introduced over 200 bills since the session began, including several that take aim at labor and employment law in Colorado.

Boatright’s State of the Judiciary Outlines Workplace Changes in Colorado Courts

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Boatright delivered an emotional state of the judiciary address to lawmakers Friday.

Report: Mixed Results for Colorado Economy During Third Quarter

As inflation and higher interest rates continue to hit Colorado, a new report has been released showing mixed results for the state’s economy.

EEOC Hosts Roundtable on Racial Equity in Hiring

The EEOC and OFCCP kicked off a diversity in hiring initiative on Wednesday with a roundtable on racial equity and the workplace.

CLI Supports Diverse Students in Resume Collect, Offering Space to Show Themselves

Denver’s CLI collected resumes from diverse law school students around America, offering options to tell their story and showing a willingness to come to Colorado.