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Court Opinions: Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions for Nov. 18

The Colorado Court of Appeals issued opinions on two criminal cases, a personal injury case and a family law case.

Legal Lasso: Judge Thomas Speaks on CO MMJ Case

Legal Lasso is Law Week’s morning roundup for legal  headlines across the state. Each morning, we take stock of legal issues and happenings, so...

Marijuana Bill Backs Off of Potency, Focuses on Youth Access

State lawmakers are no longer considering a bill with a marijuana potency cap, bills would require tighter requirements on medical marijuana.

Drawing the Line on Equity and Jurisdictions in Denver Marijuana Delivery

Denver is taking a novel approach to addressing social equity in the marijuana business by opening up delivery to social equity applicants.

The Legalization Landscape

The laws around marijuana legalization are quickly changing, with states that were later to legalization now leading some policies.