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Legal Lasso: ‘Coroner’ Coming for Colorado Water Rights

Legal Lasso is Law Week’s morning roundup of legal headlines across the state. Each morning, we take stock of legal issues and happenings, so...

Marijuana Bill Backs Off of Potency, Focuses on Youth Access

State lawmakers are no longer considering a bill with a marijuana potency cap, bills would require tighter requirements on medical marijuana.

Opinion: Keep an Eye Out, Employers: The Colorado Legislature Proposed Changes to Colorado Anti-Discrimination Statute

A Senate committee heard the Protecting Opportunities and Workers’ Rights Act, which would impose widespread changes to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.

State Bill Expedites Law Enforcement’s Cooperation in U Visa Applications

With the passage of a state bill, immigrants in Colorado gain another mechanism to help ensure their stay in the country

Lawmakers Introduce Trio of Pregnancy-Focused Bills

A trio of state bills could address persistent inequities that make the birthing process uniquely dangerous for ethnic and racial minorities.

Lawmakers Look to Update Children’s Code with 21st Century Language

Colorado lawmakers are considering updating language in Children’s Code with the intention of making it easier for lay people to understand

Gender Identity Discrimination Bill Passes House

The Colorado House of Representatives on April 1 passed a bill that would update state anti-discrimination laws to prohibit discrimination based on gender expression...

Colorado Lawmakers Propose Consumer Data Privacy Law

Colorado lawmakers on March 19 introduced a data privacy rights bill that would give consumers the right to opt out of having their personal...