Colorado LGBT Bar Association Holds Awards Dinner

The Colorado LGBT Bar Association held its annual awards dinner Oct. 21, recognizing several members of the LGBTQ Colorado legal community.

Big Decisions: Rise of the Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court

During the United States Supreme Court’s recently concluded term, the nation saw major changes on keystone issues such as reproductive rights, environmental regulation, First Amendment rights, guns and more.

Mark Silverstein of ACLU Colorado Reflects on a Legal Career Defending Civil Liberties

Longtime ACLU of Colorado Legal Director Mark Silverstein will retire after a career of bringing hard-hitting civil liberties cases.

Longtime ACLU Colorado Legal Director Mark Silverstein to Retire

After 26 years as the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado’s legal director, Mark Silverstein announced plans to retire.

10th Circuit Affirms Terrorism Convictions Despite Challenges Over Surveillance, Trial Delays

The 10th Circuit upheld a Colorado man's terrorism convictions, rejecting his argument that the government unconstitutionally spied on him.

Face Value

Facial recognition technology has proliferated over the past decade, and so have its critics. In the past year, eight cities have voted to take...

Employers Wait for SCOTUS Title VII Ruling on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

When Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, LGBTQ rights probably weren’t a flicker in lawmakers’ minds. The Stonewall uprisings wouldn’t happen for...

A Shot in the Dark

Alvin Green’s friends in prison were giving him grief. He had submitted a petition to have his sentence commuted by the president and was...