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Marketing Company Agrees to Pay State After Faking Consent of 840,000 Coloradans in Advocacy Campaign

Ifficient, a Denver-based marketing company, agreed to settle with the state over consumer privacy violations in a 2017 campaign.

New Program Created to Resolve Disputes Between Businesses, Consumers

The Colorado AG’s Office announced the Department of Law is creating the Consumer Mediation Program based off a one-year pilot program.

AG Weiser Appoints New Solicitor General, Deputy AG for Consumer Protection

Shannon Wells Stevenson was appointed solicitor general and Nathan Blake was named deputy AG of consumer protection.

Colorado Borrowers to Get $4 Million in Settlement with Bellco and Canvas Credit Unions

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office announced it secured $4 million in a settlement with Bellco and Canvas credit unions.

Colorado to Get $200K in Refunds for Americor and Credit9 Consumers

AG Weiser announced his office secured $200,000 in refunds for Colorado customers wronged by Americor and Credit9.

Colorado Will Get $8.3 Million in Google Settlement Over Location Tracking Practices

Colorado and 39 other states reached a $395 million settlement with Google over misleading location tracking practices to sell targeted ads.

Red Rocks Credit Union Returns More Than $300,000 in GAP Refunds

Red Rocks Credit Union paid $312,267.84 to 1,328 consumers for failing to return GAP refunds from Oct. 1, 2014, to July 1, 2020.

Twitter Agrees to Pay $150 Million to Resolve Alleged Data Privacy Violations

On May 25, a settlement was announced that, if approved by a federal court, will require Twitter Inc. to pay $150 million in civil penalties.