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Davis Graham & Stubbs Announces New Attorney; Firms Announce Best Law Firm Recognitions

Davis Graham & Stubbs announced a new attorney, firms announced Best Law Firm recognitions and more.

‘Best Law Firms’ on the Latest in Labor and Employment Law

Law Week caught up with top ranked firms in labor and employment law on what’s impacting their practices and future trends.

Hall & Evans and Moye White Add Attorneys, New Additions Announced to State District Courts

This week, Gov. Polis appointed judges to state courts, two law firms added attorneys and a DEI certification named 28 local firms.

Labor Department Finalizes Equal Pay Transparency Rules

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment on Nov. 10 adopted final rules relating to job posting requirements under the Equal Pay for Equal...

Equal Pay Act Means Changes for Job Postings, Hiring Process

Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act takes effect Jan. 1, bringing new requirements for job postings and hiring for employers in the state. The...

‘Not Too Late’ to Prepare for Colorado’s Equal Pay Law

With all the surprises 2020 has brought so far, it’s difficult for anyone to think ahead to next year. But while HR departments are...

‘Equal Pay’ Bill Set for Hearing

This year’s version of a pay equity bill is scheduled to undergo its first test at the Colorado General Assembly this week.  Introduced Jan. 18...

Do Employers Have the Green Light to Install No-Recording Policies?

With secret workplace recordings showing up in nightly newscasts and high-profile lawsuits, employers are perhaps more interested than ever in maintaining policies that restrict...