Independent Investigation into Colorado Judiciary Ready to Proceed; Two Vendors Awarded Investigation Contracts

The Colorado Judicial Department announced in a news release today that it has entered into contracts with Investigations Law Group, LLC, to investigate allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and RCT, Ltd. to investigate the circumstances of a training-services contract and claims that it was improperly awarded to a former senior administrator.

A panel made up of leaders from the state’s executive and legislative branches recommended two vendors to investigate the allegations in August. The Judicial Department said that after no appeals were filed by unsuccessful bidders, contract negotiations with the two recommended vendors began and were successful. 

“We are pleased to have entered into these contracts and to reach this point in the process,” Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Boatright said in the release. “Investigations into both matters will begin immediately. We expect the process to last several months and will provide timely updates as often as possible.”

“With the investigations ready to proceed, this serves as a reminder that the entire Judicial Branch is expected to cooperate with the requests and inquiries made by the investigators,” Boatright said. “As previously promised, the results of the investigations and recommendations of the investigators will be taken seriously and made public. I sincerely hope recommendations will be made regarding steps for critical improvements moving forward.” 

The Judicial Department reported that eight proposals were submitted to investigate the harassment and discrimination claims, as well as the training-services contract. The contract with Investigations Law Group, LLC, was signed on Nov. 1 and the contract with RCT, Ltd. was signed on Oct. 12.

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