Joe Arridy’s False Conviction

Activists working to abolish Colorado’s capital punishment law often...
Theodore Coneys

Denver’s Spider Man, ‘The Ghost House of Denver’

Theodore Coneys, also known as Denver's Spiderman, committed a brutal 1941 murder and then lived in his victim’s attic for the subsequent nine months.  

The Need for ‘Rational Intellect’

Miranda rights have been the subject of many appeals...
Colorado Supreme Court

Sticky Sentencing

Capital punishment in Colorado was abolished in the last...
Baseball Player

The Constitutionality of Student-Athlete Drug Testing

The athletic community in recent years has lobbied for...
The Bennett Family sits smiling for a black and white portait.

The Aurora Hammer Killer: The Case Then and Now

Authorities announced a suspect was charged for the 1984 Aurora Hammer Killer cold case. Alex Ewing was extradited earlier this year.
Lady Justice

Degrees of Separation

Divorce often involves couples fighting over assets — second...
Strangulation Graph

Denver’s Strangler

Denver has had several brushes with the infamous, such...

An Issue of Privacy

Patient-physician privilege has been the subject of debate for...
Stephen Hart

Stephen Hart’s Mark on Colorado Law Practice

History Colorado on Dec. 4, 2019, rededicated its research...