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Barrister’s Best Litigators, Arbitrators, Mediator, Defendants/Plaintiffs Lawyers

In Law Week's 2021 Barrister's Best, the legal community has named the best litigators, arbitrators, mediator and lawyers serving defendants and plaintiffs.

Barrister’s Best in PI, DUI, Marijuana Law, Criminal Defense, Immigration, Trust/Estates

In Law Week's 2021 Barrister's Best, the legal community has named the best in PI, DUI, marijuana law, criminal defense, immigration and trust/estates.

Five Questions with Edison McDaniels, Burg Simpson Associate Attorney

This week, we heard from Edison McDaniels, associate and trial attorney at Burg Simpson focusing on construction defect law.

The Kids are on TikTok

While the profession has seen a number of attorneys leave since the start of the pandemic, some lawyers have taken up the mantle of attorney wellness through TikTok.

Managing Partners Talk DEI Initiatives, Common Pain Points and the Growing Need to Support Attorney Wellness to Retain Diverse Talent

Managing Partners discussed how their respective firms foster and maintain diversity, equity and inclusion practices and policies.

Barrister’s Best 2020

Supreme Court Justice Barrister’s Choice: Nathan Coats Chief Justice Nathan Coats has served on the Colorado Supreme Court for more than 20 years. The chief’s public...

Personal Injury and Insurance

The legal world of personal injury and insurance law has experienced a shift over the past few months. With the onset of COVID-19, a...

Supreme Court Starts September Arguments with Injured Worker Cases

The Colorado Supreme Court will resume oral arguments Sept. 22, starting with a pair of cases that raise questions about how much in damages...